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Healthy For Life is a platform that provides practical & sustainable health & fitness solutions & support, not just for today or tomorrow, but for a complete lifestyle change! We offer nutritional coaching, tailor made personal training and online fitness & nutrition programmes all geared towards getting you on track with your goals.

Que faites-vous ?

My passion for health and fitness and the reason for creating Healthy For Life was born out of my own struggle with health and low self esteem. For these reasons I became a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and life coach.
My hope is that through Healthy For Life, I can provide answers, guidance and motivation to begin and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Shedding light on every area including nutrition and healthy eating, regular exercise, shaking bad habits, creating new ones, time and stress management- to mention a few.

Mes clients

Peter all your recipes are delicious and easy to make!
- Mary
Since strating to train and follow Healthy For Life's nutrition plan, I feel less sluggish, I'm sleeping through the night and I have so much energy!
- Rachel
Only halfway through the Fitness Fusion programme by Healthy For Life and already I feel that this way of eating, thinking and living is normal for me. I don't feel hungry, I feel fit and best of all I'm seeing my abs coming through!
- Nakita

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