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We specialise in the provision of quality accommodation to students in Malta! Our team manages everything from the processing of bills, cleaning expenses, and maintenance to the quick and timely handling of any possible unforeseen issues students may encounter during their stay. To reduce costs for our students, all our apartments are fitted with best in class energy-saving appliances; we have also invested heavily in coin-operated meters to ensure there is no unnecessary wastage of electricity. Thanks to a wealth of experience in the property and management industry, along with an advanced online system we continuously invest in and upgrade, our team is able to deliver an A to Z service, handle multiple requests simultaneously, and guarantee a top-notch, timely service. Aside from making available a diverse range of properties in key locations within easy proximity of Malta’s language schools, we also offer professional cleaning services. We clean every apartment upon departure and again prior to every arrival; in addition, we also carry out weekly cleaning to guarantee students staying in our places get to enjoy a clean, safe environment.

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